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CETL offers a number of courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level.  Some courses may be counted towards a degree at Georgia Tech and some may not.  Please check carefully before registering if you want a course to count towards your degree.

Our courses fall into five primary groups:

  • Teaching Assistant (TA) Development – for current undergraduate and graduate TAs
  • Teaching and Learning – for students who are interested in careers in teaching in K-12 or higher education
  • Communication Skills – oral, written, and presentation skills for graduate students, both fluent and non-fluent English speakers
  • SLIDER courses – for Fellows in our National Science Foundation (NSF) SLIDER grant
  • Tutor/Peer Leader and Student Staff Development - for student employees of the Center for Academic Success and Residence Life

All CETL courses require a permit to be able to register for them.  Further information about CETL courses and how to request a permit can be found by following the link to either undergraduate or graduate courses.