Technologies and Strategies for Engaging Students

Engaging students in the learning process is critical for their success, especially in an online or hybrid teaching environment where instructors and learners are not physically present in the same room. When students are engaged in meaningful learning activities, they tend to be more focused and motivated to learn. Considering the mismatch between the length of a typical class session (1-3 hours) and the average student attention span (about 15 minutes), we need to be creative in getting and keeping students engaged. 

What types of strategies and activities can we use to create engaging learning experiences?  In the following modules, you will learn how to leverage various technologies and strategies to facilitate engaging learning activities inside and outside of classes. 

Technologies and Strategies for Assessing Student Learning

Assessing student learning requires both art and science: the art of creatively engaging students in assessments that they view as meaningful and motivating; and the science of designing assessments that produce relevant data about student achievement, grading fairly and consistently, and providing timely and effective feedback.  

How can we master the art and the science of assessing student learning without being overwhelmed by the workload? The following modules will help you learn how to leverage various technologies and strategies to assess student learning effectively and efficiently. 


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