Some of the winners of the 2024 CTL Faculty Teaching Awards

Some of the 2024 winners of the CTL Faculty Teaching Awards pose with CTL presenters following the Faculty and Staff Honors Luncheon. From left to right: Carol Subiño Sullivan (CTL), Anh Le (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Saad Bhamla (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering), Janet Standeven (Program Director, Frugal Science Academy), Carla Gerona (History and Sociology), Lindsey Bullinger (Public Policy), Laura Carruth (CTL), Mary Hudachek-Buswell (Computing Instruction) Not pictured: Anirban Mazumdar (Mechanical Engineering), Daniel Molzahn (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Francesco Fedele (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Christopher Stanzione (Psychology), Lawrence Rubin (International Affairs), Zachary Taylor (Public Policy), Colin Harrison (Biological Sciences), AJ Medford (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering), Mike Evans (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Elio Challita (Harvard University)