TA and Future Faculty Awards Day honors participants in these categories:

TA Awards Competition

CTL celebrates the contributions to teaching excellence at Georgia Tech made by our graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants. The annual awards process opens in January when schools/departments are asked to submit one person to be recognized in each of five categories. These school-level winners are then invited to participate in an Institute-wide competition. We honor all school/department award winners and announce the institute-wide winners at  TA and Future Faculty Awards Day.

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CIRTL and Tech to Teaching Certificates

CTL facilitates a robust teaching certificate program to prepare graduate students and postdocs for academic faculty positions. These "future faculty" engage in a combination of courses, workshops, and online resources in evidence-based teaching followed by a mentored teaching capstone. Participants receive the national CIRTL Associate Certificate upon completion of 10 foundation-level learning outcomes and achieve the full Tech to Teaching certificate upon completion of the teaching capstone. 

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CTL Cohorts

Graduate Teaching Fellows support teaching development by facilitating TA Development Academy and other TA workshops, providing feedback to graduate students about their teaching, and conducting additional projects for CTL.

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International TA Liaisons contribute to the development of a thriving international TA community by facilitating workshops and developing resources that help international TAs adjust to the language and culture of teaching at Georgia Tech.

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The Thank-a-Teacher program invites members of the Georgia Tech community to show their appreciation for anyone who has positively impacted their learning experience. Many teaching assistants are among the several thousand Thank-a-Teacher recipients each year. In addition to the Thank-a-Teacher note they have already received, we invite these TAs to be recognized at TA and Future Faculty Awards Day for their significant contribution to the culture of teaching and learning at Georgia Tech.

Previous Institute-wide TA of the Year Award Winners


Graduate Student Instructor: James Anderson, Mathematics; Yasser El Masri, Architecture; Meaghan McSorley, City & Regional Planning
Graduate TA: Santana Afton, Mathematics; Markace Rainey, Chemistry & Biochemistry; Leo Wood, Physics
Undergraduate TA: Bret Hendrics, Mathematics; Grant Hollosi, Computer Science; Maeve Janecka, Biological Sciences
Online TA: Adavya Bhutani, School of Computing Instruction; Caroline Miller, Biomedical Engineering; TJ LaGrow, Computer Science
Online Head TA: Ryan Ellis, Economics; Aleksandr Kalenchits, School of Computing Instruction; Abdulaziz Qwbaiban, Electrical & Computer Engineering


Graduate Student Instructor: Elizabeth Jones, Chemistry & Biochem; Alexandra Muscalus, Civil & Environ Eng; Boni Yraguen, Mechanical Eng
Graduate TA: Vinodhini Comandur, Aerospace Engineering; Jiayu Yao, Business; Tao Yu, Mathematics
Undergraduate TA: Bryan Clark, Mathematics; Kevin Li, Computational Science & Engineering; Shawn Wahi, Computer Science
Online Head TA: Jaewoo Jung, Mathematics; Kai Ouyang, Computer Science; Joanne Truong, Interactive Computing
Online TA: Addison Malone, History & Sociology; Alicia Robang, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering; Raghav Tandon, Biomedical Engineering


Graduate TA: Cristian Crisan, Biological Sciences; Frederic Faulkner, Computer Science; Elizabeth Jones, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Graduate Student Instructor: Meghan Benda, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Arvind Krishna, Industrial & Systems Engineering; Jiani Zhu, Scheller
Undergraduate TA: Anshul Tusnial; Chandler Watson, Chemistry & Biochemistry: Sophia Wiesenfeld, Biological Sciences
Online Head TA: Frances Brysonn, Mechanical Eng: Shahrokh Shahl, Computer Science & Eng; Tohid Shekari, Electrical & Computer Eng
Online TA: Lynnae Stypulkowski, Civil & Environmental Engineering; Jack Olinde, Mathematics; Kristel Topping, Biological Sciences


Graduate TA: Cvetelina Hill, Mathematics; Elaine Rhoades, Physics; Yushuo Yang, Economics
Graduate Student Instructor: Aditya Anupam, Literature, Media & Communication; Yoan Delchev, Mathematics; Anthony Harding, Economics
Undergraduate TA: Brandon Kang, Industrial & Systems Engineering; Caroline Kish, Computer Science; Max Poff, Mathematics


Graduate TA: Jessica Fisch, City and Regional Planning; Rafael Marin, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Tuo Zhao, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Graduate Student Instructor: Pedro Jose Arias Monje, Materials Science and Engineering; Sophie Kay, Psychology, Evan Mallen, City and Regional Planning
Undergraduate TA: Adrianna Brown, Computer Science; Martin Sebastian Fernandez, Mathematics; Talha Khawaja, Physics


Graduate TA: Travis Meyer, Biomedical Engineering; Benjamin Ide, Mathematics; Brian Fuchs, Mechanical Engineering
Graduate Student Instructor: Kantwon Rogers, Computer Science; Michael Baldwin, Mechanical Engineering, Sidni Vaughn, Psychology
Undergraduate TA: Jacqueline Elliott, Computer Science; Olatide Omojaro, Electrical & Computer Engineering; Markace Rainey, Mathematics


Graduate TA: Haley Steele, Biological Sciences
Graduate Student Instructor: Emily Alicea-Munoz, Physics
Undergraduate TA: Jared Kleinwaechter, Mathematics


Graduate TA: Philip Varney, Mechanical Engineering
Graduate Student Instructor: Anthony Bonifonte, Ind & Systems Eng
Undergraduate TA: Bonnie Shoai, Biology


Graduate TA: Joseph Walsh, Mathematics
Graduate Student Instructor: Philip Benge, Mathematics
Undergraduate TA: Kantwon Rogers, College of Computing


Graduate TA: Allison Martin, Psychology
Graduate Student Instructor: G. James Lemoine Jr., Business
Undergraduate TA: Arun Kumar, Biomedical Engineering


Graduate TA: Ranjini Vaidyanathan, Mathematics
Graduate Student Instructor: German Retana, Business
Undergraduate TA: Andrew Travis Rogers, Mathematics


Graduate TA: Rebecca Cooper, Biology
Graduate Student Instructor: Elise Barrella, Civil and Environ Eng
Undergraduate TA: Melanie Dunn, Mathematics


Graduate TA: Daniel Borrero, Physics
Graduate Student Instructor: Ben Deaton, Civil and Environ Eng
Undergraduate TA: Aerin DeJarnette, Biology


Graduate TA: Huy Huynh, Mathematics
Graduate Student Instructor: Jill Coffin, Digital Media
Undergraduate TA: Sunny Shah, Mathematics


Graduate TA: Marcos Caballero, Physics
Graduate Student Instructor: Selma Yildirim Yolcu, Mathematics
Undergraduate TA: Laura Stilz, Mathematics


Graduate TA: Brian Jacobs, Management
Graduate Student Instructor: Mitchel Keller, Math
Undergraduate TA: Wendy Morrison, Biology


Graduate TA: Christina Carroll, Mathematics
Graduate Student Instructor: Hal Hollis, Electrical & Computer Eng
Undergraduate TA: Karla Vincent, Biology


Graduate TA: Joanna Hass, Physics
Graduate Student Instructor: Ryan Michael Haynes, Mathematics
Undergraduate TA: Samer Tawfik, Aerospace Engineering