Two people sitting at a table meetingCenter for Teaching and Learning (CTL) specialists are available throughout the year to work with you and to support you in any area of teaching. Our aim is to offer you confidential, evidence-based guidance tailored to your specific needs and to engage with you in your quest to provide quality education to students at Georgia Tech.

When we meet with faculty, we typically begin by identifying your teaching needs and goals. Then, we work together to create a plan to reach those goals. Faculty are welcome to meet with us to find support for current teaching efforts (e.g., in-class troubleshooting, gathering feedback from students, course and syllabus design, etc.), as well as to work on longer term goals and projects. Our aim is to provide you with the support you both want and need, and to find ways to increase your effectiveness in the classroom without dramatically increasing your workload.

See below for descriptions of our available services, and feel free to contact us for more information, or complete this consultation request form for questions specific to remote and hybrid learning.

One-on-One Consultations

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) offers confidential, individual consultations to faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and instructors across campus. We are happy to talk with you about any aspect of college-level teaching and learning. Our goal is to identify your needs and to provide you with relevant feedback, resources, and guidance to support your work.

For example, our faculty development specialists can help you

  • Design or redesign a course or syllabus.
  • Identify teaching strategies aligned with your teaching and learning goals.
  • Implement evidence-based teaching strategies.
  • Generate new ideas for assignments, projects, and other course activities.
  • Develop assessments and rubrics to measure and provide feedback on student learning.
  • Develop and/or incorporate educational technology effectively into your course.
  • Plan and implement assessments for education-related grant proposals and research.
  • Interpret feedback on teaching and/or CIOS scores.
  • Mentor graduate students.

Classroom Observations

Inviting a pedagogy expert to your class is a great way to troubleshoot problems you are facing with your class and to get general feedback about your teaching effectiveness. Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) consultants are available to visit your class and to give you targeted, evidence-based feedback, and support.

There are three parts to the classroom observation process:

  1. Meet with a CTL consultant for 30 minutes to discuss your class and any specific areas you would like to focus on during the observation.
  2. Your CTL consultant attends your class and uses the opportunity to collect data about your teaching and your students' learning.
  3. Meet with your CTL consultant again (for 60 minutes) to discuss the class and the observations and data collected, and to identify new strategies to implement in your teaching.

Note that our classroom observations are not evaluative, but instead, we are focused on providing you with useful feedback and helping you to increase and maintain your effectiveness in the classroom. The results of our discussions with you will not be shared with colleagues outside of CTL unless requested by you.

Early Course Feedback

Early course feedback processes are designed to help you gather feedback from your students about their learning and to equip you to make the changes needed to more effectively support their learning in your class.

Focus groups and in-class student surveys are both valuable ways to collect this feedback. Our faculty development specialists are available to gather the feedback and work with you to interpret and respond to the feedback collected. Contact us for more information.

Focus Groups through Classroom Dialogue

A Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) consultant will meet with you to discuss your perspectives and interests. Next, the consultant will visit your class and conduct a 20-25 minute directed conversation with students to gather feedback about their perspectives on learning in the class. Your consultant will share and discuss the feedback with you, provide you with a written record of the data collected, and help you make decisions about the best ways to respond to your students' feedback. This document provides more information about the purpose and method involved.

Student Surveys

Distribute a paper survey to students (ideally during the first 15 minutes of class) and gather written feedback from your students. CTL consultants can help you design your survey (open-ended questions about perceived learning work best), review and summarize the survey data in terms of trends and salient points, and help you make decisions about the best ways to respond to your students' feedback. For sample surveys, click herehere, and here.

Learning Technology Support

Need assistance with integrating technologies into teaching? The CTL team is available to assist. CTL works with faculty, postdoctoral scholars, TAs, and graduate student instructors to explore how to effectively integrate technologies into teaching and learning. Visit this page for detailed information.

Reflective Teaching Badge

In the Reflective Teaching Badge program, faculty come together once a month to reflect deeply on their teaching contexts, identify the challenges they are interested in addressing, and reflect on how to apply new teaching approaches towards those challenges. After participating in three conversations, faculty earn the Reflective Teaching Badge, issued by CTL through Badgr. Click here for detailed information.